Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Finale

Monday we head up to the lake for the week to have one final hurrah before the kids start back to school. We'll be there until Sunday evening and will have no Internet except my phone. So no blogging - just not dedicated enough to do it from my phone, LOL.

We are planning a fun relaxing time with friends and family, lots of time in the boat, family game nights, puzzles, swimming, eating, sunning, napping, movies, etc. I can't wait.

David finished up zoo camp this past Friday and it was a big hit. I am so impressed with all they did and what he learned and he said it was "too much fun", which is awesome in David speak. I will definitely sign him up again next year. He starts school on Wednesday of week after next with Opening Chapel. I just found out which Kindergarten teacher he will have and I am thrilled. There will be either 12 or 13 kids in each class (2 kindergartens). This is one of the many reasons we choose private school.

I think I mentioned in a prior post that Em will start school on Monday of that week. She's kind of nervous/excited about high school.

Dan had his checkup at the Cancer Center last week and the update was good. Still no sign of recurrence!!!! Praise God!!!!

Toby - our new puppy is doing well. Potty training is still a little challenging since his bladder is the size of a thimble, LOL, but he is improving alot. His training is doing well - he can sit, down, jump, climb up/down stairs, go through tunnel and stand up. Oh - he can also walk on a leash on my left side with no pulling and sits almost every time when I stop. Next we are working on stay and roll-over. We will miss Puppy Kindergarten next week since we'll be a the lake, but our teacher said I could just come early the next week and she would catch us up.

My cyst issue has recurred again and I have a mild cold/cough that is irritating my back pretty bad. Whine, whine - LOL. I hate to complain because I really do have a blessed life.

well, need to go hang up some permanent press so I'll talk to you when we get back from the lake!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

We have a Freshman!

Oh my goodness, where did the time go? When I first met Dan and subsequently Emily, she was 3-years-old. Now she is 14 and entering her Freshman year at Stanhope. WOW!!!

Today was pick-up class schedule and locker assignments. They have 7 periods and here is her schedule:
  1. Honors Biology
  2. World History
  3. Honors Geometry
  4. Spanish 1
  5. Honors English
  6. PE
  7. Art

We are pleased with the electives. We heard elective choices went in order of seniority, but she got the two she wanted. I can't wait to see how she likes her Art class. And Spanish will be new for her as well.

I'm really sad/mad/depressed, to be honest, about Emily starting this public school this fall. The education level at the school is not what Dan and I want for her and we have offered to put her into a different school or home school her (my preference for her), but her mother has shut us down. Now I have accepted that and will be as positive and supportive as possible throughout the school year. I just pray for the school, her teachers and her and ask that you do as well throughout the year.

Our oldest baby is a freshman - can you say wow again!!!!! They start school Monday, August 9th.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meandering Monday

Seems like a random disjointed night in my head, I think because my head hurts. Due to that I decided to just give you some bullets.
  • Emily and I finished our puzzle, but we are missing one piece.
  • David had his first day of zoo camp and a couple of the highlights were feeding live crickets to toads and making a snake.
  • One of the newer Clue games had bad reviews this past holiday season so we didn't get it, even though we love love Clue. Target had it on clearance (gotta love Target) so we decided to try it anyway - tonight (if my head improves) is the big debut.
  • Em and I had breakfast with my friend this morning at Panera, yummy!!
  • It was Em's first time at Panera - she didn't think she would like it, but now she wants to go again for lunch.
  • Toby was with us so we sat outside, I think he enjoyed the outing.
  • While we were out today we dropped him off at the groomers and wow does he look great!
  • Tonight I had my first experience of checking out at Publix and my debit card was declined (this can happen if you don't put money in the household account, ugh). What was really bad though, I had no credit card or checks with me because I don't typically use them. I had to leave my groceries - really embarrassing!!!
  • David was concerned about going to zoo camp because the dangerous animals might get out. He decided before that happened he and the "teacher" would glue the cage shut and save everybody.
  • Dan's lake plans got cancelled for the weekend because one friend broke his foot and the other got sick. Looks like he won't make it back up there until next week for our vacation.
  • Toby's hair is almost long enough for the bow on top so today we picked out the "boy-looking" bows. For shih-tzu's it's practical, not just cutesy so boys wear them too.
  • We took Toby to 3 pet stores today, working on socialization. He needs to experience different dogs and different people petting him so he won't turn into a nervous nelly and growl/bark at people. I hate to see a dog that does that - sad :-(
  • I swear when someone gets a new dog I want to buy gifts like for a new baby, my dad and Barbara got a new German Shepherd puppy and I saw tons of cute stuff for her today. I had to control myself!! We have got to get out there and welcome her to the family.
  • All for tonight - Dan's home with our late dinner.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

mommy is that heaven?

Yesterday while driving David sees a graveyard and says mommy what school is that. I said (without thinking, which would later prove to be a problem), that's not a school that's a graveyard. Oh what's a graveyard mommy? Me (still not thinking), that's where dead people are buried. Oh, ok, he says - then that's heaven. Oh my - how did I go so wrong, LOL. So then I have to explain the whole body, spirit, soul, etc. etc., which appeared to promptly go in one ear and out the other. So I guess at our house - graveyards are heaven for a little while.

Lazy days of summer

Oh how we are enjoying our summer. I keep wanting to grab my remote and press pause though because it's going by too fast. I truly have pictures to share, LOL and you will see them next week. The laptop is ready!!

One of my and Emily's favorite things to do is play games and over the summer we get to do that almost every night!! Staying up late and sleeping in... love it. I think we have played 100 games and earlier this week we decided to do a puzzle for a little change of pace. It's coming along well. Dan made us a nice board and we can leave the puzzle on it and move it from bed to floor to table.

David loves swimming and just all around being with the whole "fmly". We have built 87 different track patterns and made 100 "Accidents Happen" (thomas) shows. We have played with friends, gone to the movies, gone to Chuck E. Cheese, gone to Vacation Bible School and next week is off to zoo camp. A giraffe was born earlier this month and 2 white bengal tigers were born last month; I wonder if they will get to see them.

Dan loves when the pool gets used and we (and guests) enjoy his waterfall!! He has also enjoyed the slower pace and spending time in the garden each morning with David, while Emily and I sleep in. His very favorite summer thing though is going to the lake. Thankfully this summer he has had more opportunities to go and soon we are spending the whole week up there at a cabin. (this will just give us more inspiration to go ahead and buy a place, I hope!!!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

and the blessings abound...

I am just so blessed with loving friends and family. I have to share with you how the fellowship for my birthday continued through the weekend and some other good times and sweet gestures.

My sweet husband bought me an upright Whirlpool frost-free freezer. I know, practical, but it was exactly what I wanted. We had a small chest freezer and I couldn't find anything. I was craving organization of my frozen foods. He also surprised me with a special little desert. No cake since it was just us and we figured we'd have cake over the weekend once Emily got back from the beach.

My dad and Barbara sent me a nice green bill and I bought a great outfit with it while shopping with Leslie. Now Dan and I need a true date without the boy. We go to dinner often, with him and we have a variety of dates when we put him to bed early, like Steak-Out dinner / living-room picnic style and a movie. But it's time to get dressed up and truly go out.

My sweet friend Leslie made me the coolest earrings. How neat to have a friend who can make things. We also spent a girls day together on Saturday, shopping and having lunch at Street's. Those are the best of days!!

Saturday night the family headed out to Wetumpka to spend the evening with the Edwards and the Hollidays. The kids swam and played and we visited. And the big surprise for me was a shrimp boil for dinner!!! Can you say the best thing to eat in the world and my favorite meal!! I also had a scrumptious homemade strawberry cake for dinner - who needs Nancy Patterson's when you have Meme.

Sunday we had a nice day as well. The Holmes and Hollidays came over for a pool-party cook-out and the kids swam from a little after 4:00 until well after dark. We had burgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, chips, homemade pico de gallo, lemon glaze cake and cupcakes! Yummy.

Yesterday Emily and I went to get our hair done and David stayed at Leslie's. He had such a good time and it is an extra blessing to have a friend willing to keep your wild-child. I think he and her girls had a really good time. At the hair place Emily had blonde highlights put in and she looks like the cover of some beach girl magazine :-). I on the other hand... I asked for blonde and boy did I ever get it. To be mild - it is still growing on me, LOL. I mainly did it because Dan has asked me to for almost 10 years and I thought, heck - it's hair, what can it hurt. And he LOVES LOVES LOVES it - weird I know, but he's my weird ;-).

Today has been a stay-at-home do laundry, chores, paperwork, laundry, paperwork and laundry day. Emily and Hope have been helping me because they want to earn movie money. Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the week, bible study. And actually it's my night to lead to so I need to shut down this rambling and go review one more time.

Oh, one more before I go. I was mentioning to Dan this morning that I wanted pet stairs for the puppy to get up and down from our bed (TALL bed) and that it would also help with the bending for me. He can get on and off himself and when I need to pick him up I can call him from the bed and lift him from there rather than the floor. I showed him pictures and we talked for a minute about size and that was it. Projects are notoriously slow around here because our business always comes first. Well a few hours later I am in here working away and in walks Dan with the stairs. He had gone straight out into the shop after we talked and built them. He took them on to work this afternoon so the guys could sand and paint them and put carpet treads on them. Did I mention I have a great husband?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 38th birthday. Thanks to my bazillion FB friends and their sweet birthday wishes. A special special thanks to one of my dear friends. She hosted us yesterday at the pool and then at her home for hours. She surprised me with coffee and a strawberry margarita and lunch. The kids played and we were able to talk and hang out. She also made me a wonderful mellow, late in the day coffee. The best parts of the day were when the kids pooled their imagination and pulled off a great Hot Wheels Accidents Happen show. I'll have to share the video with you guys. (when made-over computer gets back home). And when my friend and I talked about everything under the sun and agreed and disagreed and felt our friendship grow!!

I, like most everyone, can remember when 38 seemed really, really old. Now that it's here though, I don't feel old, well except for my back ;-).
  • I still love to hear silly jokes
  • catch rain drops on my tongue
  • giggle at puppies and enjoy "puppy breath"
  • ride with the windows down and a jam to a favorite song
  • lay on my back and watch the fireworks above
  • tickle my husband
  • watch Tom & Jerry and Popeye

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visit from dear friends

Wow am I behind on blogging. My dear friend Jennifer and her son Paul stopped here on the way back from vacationing with her parents in the Carolina's, the second week of June. We were lucky enough to have them from Monday - Saturday. We had such a GREAT time. The boys went to United Gymstars day camp for 3 of the days and to a birthday party for Jace the other. Each evening they went to VBS at a church across the street. They were thrilled - they just thrive on structured kid activities.

During the day Jennifer, Emily and I ran errands, did a little shopping and eating. Really fun girl time. Tuesday of that week is when we bought the puppy. Then of course that dictated much more shopping :-). And the all important what will we name it question.

I swear no matter how much time there is between Jennifer and I getting to see each other (usually a year), it's as if no time has passed. I think that is the best definition of a forever friend.

I realized as I was typing this that we took no pictures of the boys this time. Or at least I didn't. Jennifer - if you took some - please send them to me :). It's neat to watch the changes in them year over year.

newsflash... "soccer mom" loves Twilight saga

A year or so ago, about the time Twilight came out and was becoming so popular I bought the book. Emily mentioned that she wanted to read it and I had heard a little mild controversy so I felt it would be best if I checked it out first. Then of course I had to check out the rest of the series ;-).

It's a great fiction series. I must admit I am a pretty critical reader and I don't like Vampire stuff (not a Buffy fan) and not crazy about shape shifters or wolves or any of that. And I don't find Edward or Jacob "hot". But I do love to read and when a story pulls you in and you lose yourself and you can't wait to finish and pick up the next book in the series and when the last one is over you're sad... That's my definition of a great series!!!!

I'm not sure exactly what the "negative nancy's" out there are fussing about. Here are a few points I find compelling.
  • They don't believe in sex until marriage, yes they "make-out", but no sex
  • Edward doesn't want Bella to become a vampire because he doesn't want to kill her soul (not because he's controlling as some bloggers have suggested)
  • Edward wants Bella out of town/out of his life/away from the reservation/etc. - so she won't get hurt - duh (not because he's controlling)
  • Edward loves her enough to let his arch enemy take care of her when needed
  • Arch enemy as in Jacob and not arch enemies because of Bella, but because of history. The shape shifter/wolves were created to destroy vampires...

I know there are many more points, but the puppy is chewing my foot and now I'm distracted, LOL. Anyway - the books/movies are fine. Get over yourselves and enjoy fiction for fiction!!!

Oh, I went to the midnight release last week. Me, Emily, Leslie, Kim, Hope and Hayden and we had a blast!! Team Edward for me; Team Jacob for Emily and everyone else.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day

The first 4th of July that Dan and I spent together was in 2000 and I knew from that point on it would be a big day for us each year. We are both patriotic and have father's who were in the military, so that gets us started. And for Dan, he is a 4th of July "junkie" he loves loves loves fireworks! . We usually go to the lake and spend the day on the water, followed by the fireworks show each night. There have been a year or two where we strayed from our usual and those times have been fun, but not the same.

Yesterday - Dan, David, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Jenny and friend Andy all headed up to Lake Jordan mid-afternoon. They swam and tried out our new inter tube (which we returned this AM) and just had a pleasant afternoon. I arrived about 7:00 with dinner from Subway and joined the group. David rode the tube one more time so I could video him and then we made our way over to the dam and watched the fireworks from the boat. It was beautiful, awesome, cool, etc. David loved it - this was his first time. He told Dan we had to do this every year.

Earlier that morning Dan and David had driven out to my dad's to get our boat (he has a shed we store it in) and they stopped at a fireworks store and bought a bag full of "stuff". So after pulling out of the water last night we stopped on the way home (still in the country) and set off all our fireworks. David's favorites are the little white teardrop things you through down hard and they pop and the Roman Candles. He is NOT a fan of sparklers and traditional firecrackers, LOL.

The only thing we were missing was Emily, but she is at Panama City Beach with her mom, step-dad and friend Hope. I know they are having a fun time!!

I have to tell you a few funny David things from yesterday:
  • he decided he wanted to ride the tube for me so he just goes to the back of the boat and jumps in and starts trying to climb up on the tube. We were not ready, but thankfully idling. No fear!!
  • Dan has taught him the signals so when we started off he kept doing thumbs up until Dan got up to speed. Then after riding a while he did the "kill" signal so we would stop - hilarious!!!
  • Question: daddy is that black stuff on your display (on the boat dash) the oil spill?
  • Fireworks are great, I'm so 'cited - are these for your birthday mommy? (my day is Wed)
  • Well if the fireworks aren't for your birthday i think you would be super-happy if we had your party at Pump It Up!
  • He decided that the fireworks daddy was lighting after the lake were for me - so when the "finale" firework was lit he sang Happy Birthday to me.

big to small

  • I love Boxers (dogs) with all my heart. I have had a Boxer for 37 years... Teddy, our most recent, passed away the first part of June, after almost 11 wonderful years.

  • After a family vote, it was decided that we needed a small dog. So against my heart I bought a Shi-tzu. Meet Toby. I am falling for him though :-)

I filled up my computer

Hi all. I am here to tell you that we have not fallen off the face of the earth, LOL. I am such a goof and kept thinking "I'll update when I get my pics all uploaded/edited/etc." Well that was a silly idea. First of all the longer I wait the more I forget the little funny tidbits and second - my computer ran out of storage space. What luck - between all our I-pods, I-touch's and a camera that takes pics of avg. size 5.5mb, there is no more space!! This is because I am using an older desktop, which is usually fine because 95% of what I do on it is my work. Not fine anymore though. We have 3 other computers, but I liked my media being on "mine". Oh well, it's time to dedicate this machine to work only and a little googling, and blogging... So I confiscated one of our laptops and took it to the doctor to get it juiced up and tons of memory added. I get it back this week and then I can upload/download/etc. to my hearts content. Woo hoo!!! Prepare to be overwhelmed with pics and vacation stories.