Friday, February 26, 2010

This is the day that the Lord has made...

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!!!! This is one of my favorite hymns that I feel like I have known my whole life. It is based on Ps. 118:24. And no, I didn't just happen to know that, but google did LOL.

I woke up this morning in a winter funk. It's cold, my foot is killing me, David is whining and I miss my mom. I started a fire, took a pain pill, Dan took "whiny" to school and... I still miss my mom :). So then the hymn above popped into my head - thanks God for the kick in the tush.

So I decided I would have a happy and rejoicing day about my mom and share with you a little about her.
  • she had a green thumb, heck a whole green hand
  • she made cookies or cupcakes for every school event from preschool through graduation
  • she loved to shop
  • we talked on the phone everyday once I moved out
  • she loved coffee
  • our Boxer's (dogs) were family too
  • she was a huge Elvis fan and owned every album
  • music played at our house all the time (thankfully she more albums than Elvis LOL)
  • she loved to watch musicals and old Doris Day movies
  • she loved me unconditionally
  • after Christmas we would put a discarded Christmas tree in the back yard and decorate it with handmade/edible (for birds) ornaments
  • she and my favorite aunt talked on the phone Early every Saturday morning
  • the two of them also loved to go birding (bird watching)
  • she loved to entertain friends and family
  • she had a whole gift room and she would make baskets as gifts made up of things her friends (or mine) loved
  • clearance watch out - we were there!
  • she could bake anything and would often do it at the same time - we might have a jelly roll, pralines, divinity and chocolate chip cookies going all at once
  • she always helped out at church with our Youth group - driving us places, setting up Bible Bowl, etc.
  • we all loved seafood and would often have it instead of traditional ham or turkey for the holidays
  • she made the best oyster stew and west indies salad
I feel like I could go on for hours. And what I've written seems great, but inadequate - how do you share everything about one of the most important people in your life? So I decided you can't. You just share a few smiles with friends and Praise God for having blessed you with such a wonderful mother and leaving you with a heart full of memories.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Kitchen and a New Boot

I love our house, the size, neighborhood, corner lot, monthly payment and especially the fact that it will be paid off in 12-years!!!!!!!! But, I hate the 1970's/1980's way it has been decorated. If yall recall I had a post a little similar to this about my house woes back in August. At that time the living room, hall bath and foyer were re-done and the kitchen was repainted. Major improvement, but truly just scratching the surface of all that needs to be done.

The tough part is Dan, even though he is handy and can do just about anything I want done - he doesn't like change. But guess what - I think we are finally past that (it only took 9 years, LOL). He is currently changing stuff and brainstorming with me on changing more!! Can you believe it? I am so thrilled.

Here are a few of the things we've done so far:
added a small built-in pantry to the kitchen
built and installed drawer slides in all the cabinets
touched up paint on all cabinets and trim
installed the flip-down kitchen tv
replaced the knobs and drawer pulls
started on the hinges

Here's what else we want to do:
repaint the kitchen ceiling
put in granite counter tops and new sink
install tile back splash
replace the linoleum with tile
replace light over table
replace fluorescent light in kitchen
add recessed light under cabinets

I just cannot stop being excited. We are working on it bit by bit and hope to be done in the next month or two. After that we are doing other rooms in the house - I have huge lists on them also, but I'll save those for when we get closer to that particular room.

Did I tell you guys about my foot? I can't remember so I'll give you the back-story real quick. I have had a heel spur in my right foot off and on for years. A few weeks ago, actually the day I left for the girls trip to the beach, I stepped on a marble with that heel leading (all the weight on it first). It HURT, REALLY REALLY bad. I was focused on getting out of town though and just figured i had irritated that heel spur. I just dealt with it over the next few weeks, limping along, icing it, putting heat on it, using a cane, etc. Finally I decided it wasn't the crazy heel spur, but a bone. So I called the doc and he saw me right away. Said he hoped irritated heel spur too and gave me a cortisone shot in my heel, new inserts and meds. Told me if it wasn't significantly better on Monday (this past one) to come back in. So I called and told them not better. They work fast and I had a Bone Scan scheduled for Tuesday morning. By lunch Tuesday I found it is was a bad stress fracture and had a walking cast/boot thing. I will wear it for 4-weeks and then go back to doc and see how it's doing. I will tell you though that a bad back and a boot are NOT friends!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Growth Spurts

I think David is in the midst of a big growth spurt! He's been having growing pains in his legs and is eating us out of house and home. I know most of you are aware of our ordeal with David and food. Basically he didn't eat any. He would go 2 days with no food, just milk. Then he started 1 meal a day and 1 snack. I think I mentioned though - since the start of school he has actually begun to eat 3 meals a day. However, these were small meals and I was counting his morning snack at school as "breakfast" and I had to "push" him to eat dinner.

Well now he is eating and do I mean eating! He wakes up asking for breakfast and has cereal or pop tart or pancakes. He takes crackers (like the 8 pack of PB) for morning snack. He eats his whole lunch at school, a variety of things, mid-afternoon snack, late afternoon snack, dinner and before bedtime snack. And he is asking for these meals - he is always saying he is starving. And if he eats chicken - instead of 4 nuggets he now eats 10. Instead of 1 peanut butter sandwich folded in half he now eats 2 regular sized ones. And the amount of goldfish, cereal and crackers and string cheese we are going through is alarming! Oh and pizza - he would only eat cheese sticks (doesn't like sauce) and would have 2 or 3 of those. Now he wants regular "big-kid" cheese pizza. He eats at least 2 pieces and sometimes asks for a third.

I've stressed about his eating habits (well as much as I stress), but I always said I'm not forcing him, he's growing, he's healthy, etc. and he will eat one day. Well that "one day" is finally here. Praise God for answering a prayer!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What are you giving up for Lent?

Well as I've mentioned before, I grew up a typical southern Protestant, mostly Methodist, on occasion Baptist. I didn't know any Catholics. I had many misconceptions and a big basket of ignorance regarding Catholics. Thankfully I grew up and expanded my brain through college, work, life, etc. During that time my environment has also changed and now I am blessed to have 4 really special people in my life who are Catholic and a large handful of acquaintances as well.

Throughout my life I have been asked the "what are you giving up for Lent" question numerous times. The answers I have given and heard have all been silly, fluffy, little answers. Obviously because my friends and I had no clue about the real and true meaning of Lent. And the answers between me and my friends have been all over the map: chocolate, drinking, smoking, shopping, Starbucks, TV, etc. I've never taken it that seriously - just knew it was something "Catholic" and it came after Ash Wednesday and I had an old boss that had to eat fish on Friday's during this time.

Well this year I decided to find out a little bit more about it. I am so glad I took the few minutes to do so. And you know some of this may be in the Methodist or Baptist "handbook" (for lack of a better word), and even though I've been at church through multiple Palm Sunday's and during the Lenton season... I didn't know this information.

So here's what I learned at I have copied the section on "Giving Something Up During Lent" and pasted it here.

For most older Catholics, the first thought that Lent brings to mind is giving something up. In my childhood, the standard was to give up candy, a discipline that found suitable reward in the baskets of sugary treats we received on Easter. Some of us even added to the Easter surplus by saving candy all through Lent, stockpiling what we would have eaten had we not promised to give it up.

Some years ago a friend of mine told me that he had urged his children to move beyond giving up candy to giving up some habit of sin that marked their lives. About halfway through Lent he asked the children how they were doing with their Lenten promise. One of his young sons had promised to give up fighting with his brothers and sisters during Lent. When his father asked him how it was going, the boy replied, "I'm doing pretty good, Dad—but boy, I can't wait until Easter!"

That response indicates that this boy had only partly understood the purpose of Lenten "giving up." Lent is about conversion, turning our lives more completely over to Christ and his way of life. That always involves giving up sin in some form. The goal is not just to abstain from sin for the duration of Lent but to root sin out of our lives forever. Conversion means leaving behind an old way of living and acting in order to embrace new life in Christ. For catechumens, Lent is a period intended to bring their initial conversion to completion.

Taking seriously this dynamic of scrutiny and conversion gives us a richer perspective on Lenten "giving up." What we are to give up more than anything else is sin, which is to say we are to give up whatever keeps us from living out our baptismal promises fully. Along with the elect we all need to approach the season of Lent asking ourselves what needs to change in our lives if we are to live the gospel values that Jesus taught us. Our journey through these forty days should be a movement ever closer to Christ and to the way of life he has exemplified for us.

So after much thought and prayer, I am giving up an hour of time each day to be spent with God. Rather that be meditation, prayer, more time with my Bible or an act of service. I have a few free hours spread throughout the day/night and I typically spend them reading on my Kindle. So I will cut back on that to work towards being closer to God and living a more Godly life.

Care to share what you are giving up?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

No, I'm too Busy!

This is David's response in regards to a birthday party we are supposed to go to today. Dan and I are like, what? So we said again are you ready to go to Logan's birthday party - "NO, I'm too busy playing with my toys!!" Dan said well what are you going to do, stay here by yourself? Because me and mommy are going to the party. "Yes, I will stay here and Teddy will take care of me!!" (that is our dog!) After much cajoling and tickling he finally gave in and said he would go to the party with us.

I have snow pictures, snow video, school party pictures, school play pictures and videos and Valentine's pictures. I am uploading some now and will post when I get done.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

So are you thinking I'm bi-polar, LOL. I can't decide between Mardi Gras and Valentine's for my page decorations. They are both big holidays for me!!

Wow - this has been a truly cold winter for us here in the deep south. I am so ready for spring - the brisk breezes, the sunshine, the flowers, Easter, the kids birthdays, etc.

I am sitting here totally ignoring my responsibilities this morning. I need to be in the kitchen making a gazillion heart shaped PB&J sandwiches for the Valentine's Party at David's school this morning. But it is so much nicer to sit here, drink coffee, read blogs and listen to Fox News.

David experienced his first King Cake (Mardi Gras) yesterday. He is fascinated by it. Not sure he believes me about the toy baby; won't he be surprised when we cut into that part. If you aren't familiar with this tradition you can read about it here. It's so sad for me that David doesn't get to experience real Mardi Gras. Having grown up in Mobile and my mother and grandparents being from there we were inundated into it at a young age. I remember the parades, my parents going to balls and my grandmothers organization having a float. My cousin and I used to play Mardi Gras all the time. And my grandmother was evidently the "goodie" coordinator because the guest room at her house was always filled with huge Hefty bags of beads, dubloons, string confetti, etc. etc. David and Emily did go to a parade in Millbrook this past weekend and said it was really fun. I went to a small one myself in PC Beach on my girls weekend.

Bible study was great this week. We are Acts Chapter 5 and my friend Lauren (who I jokingly call teacher) did an excellent job leading us. One of the things we discussed made a big impact on me. It refers to Matthew 5:37, the whole chapter is great, but that one verse really hit me. I am going to pray really hard for the strength to live that way. I like the NIV version of the verse, because of the use of the word simply. Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. Let's leave out the buts and the justifications, etc. We need to say yes to God in all that we do.

Well I suppose it's time to go make sandwiches ;-) I'll post pics of the Val Party later.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez! & Happy Valentines Day!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A weekend to be just me...

Not often, but a couple of times a year I think, where did Michelle go? As we become parents our identity is usually mommy. And to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being mommy and praise God for the opportunity each time I pray. But sometimes I need to just be me. Well it was quite fortuitous for me that a girlfriend has a friend with a beach condo connection. So we spent this last weekend in Panama City. The company was GREAT, the condo very nice, the views beautiful, the food excellent, the shopping wonderful, the adult beverages fabulous... need I go on?

Friday, February 5, 2010

He Stole All the Bikes!

At 5:15am I woke up to hysterical crying from David. It was so loud that it even woke Dan. The problem - "he stole all the bikes in the whole world!". We tried explaining about bad dreams and all that - no, he said it was real. Then we said he didn't steal all the bikes because mommy, daddy and sissy's bikes were still in the garage. David said he stole all the bikes that were David's size. So we tried they have more at stores, etc. - nope, he stole all the bikes in the whole world. Then we told him that was ok, daddy would build him a bike. No he stole all the instructions too. Keep in mind during all this he is still hysterically crying. We've turned the lights on by now and we are both trying to comfort him, not working. Then he said that Granddaddy had a bike for him, but they even stole that one. So I go into the mommy will find you a bike, I promise, the stores have them. Remember I told you mommy was always right? He looked at me like are you crazy (still crying) and said "I'm always right, every time! He stole the bikes!!!!" Finally I gave up and turned on the TV and actually deliberately turned it to SpongeBob - he calmed down and the tears dried up. Whew - this is the stuff they don't tell you how to "handle" or "fix" in the parenting books ;-)

Now I am tired!! We do not get up early in the Reeder house, LOL. Working for ourselves has a few benefits. We sleep until we wake up or David wakes us up or in the case of a school day, until 6:45. I can handle 6:45 if I get to sleep by midnight, which I did not last night. And if I can sleep through the night, which I did not because Teddy was barking at me to go out every hour. (she usually never does this) Then add the insult to injury of the whole bike stealing episode. To make this just perfect (sarcasm here) I am driving to the beach this evening for my girls weekend. Dan and I have determined that it's fate or something working against me because I NEVER and I do truly mean NEVER, get a good night's sleep before a trip.

I think this morning's prayer will start with a request for a little peace and patience! And I believe I may have to lay back down after taking David to school, what the heck. This is my weekend right :) who says it can't start this morning rather than this evening! Ok maybe the laundry, the work and the kids say... well, a girl can dream can't she.

Just a few more hours and the I will have two nights of peaceful sleep and two mornings of waking myself up!! Whew hoo.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a four-year-old's mind

Some days I think oh no - he's gonna need special help. Like when we say get xzy from your room and he comes back and says he can't find it. We say it's on the floor by your bed in front of the batman house. He comes back and says he can't find it. We go in and show him and he laughs and says oh I didn't see that. And this happens often! Or when we say how do you say hello in Spanish? Can you count to 20? What letter is that? And he goes, uh - I don't know. And we know he knows, ugh. Maybe it's all the times he has hit his head while playing :)

Then we have days when he seems to be a normal, bright, curious boy.
  • As we were waking up Monday morning he said is this a school day? No, I said. He says why is it not a school day for four days? Oh... I was surprised that he was aware of the days. So then I explained about missing school and being sick with strep, etc. That satisfied him.
  • The other morning as we were driving to school he said mom pick me up at nap time today. And I said ok before or after nap because your teacher would rather I not come at nap time. And he said well let me think about it. Before nap we have lunch, outside, movie, nap and then after lunch we have snack, outside, toys. He got that exactly right and in the right order.
  • David brings home his worksheets and art work daily and one of the things we do each afternoon is go through his folder and talk about his stuff. They have progressed from coloring, to matching, to sorting, to counting, to handwriting and now they have started reading comprehension or rather listening comprehension since the teacher reads the little story to them.
  • The curiosity is wonderful and he is a sponge just like his daddy. He would much rather watch "How It's Made", "The Weather Channel" or anything to do with space than he would cartoons. And he'd rather make up stories with his cars and trains than play the Wii. (Now don't get me wrong - he still loves his cartoon time and his Wii time, but thankfully they don't "control"... if you know what I mean.)

A couple of funny stories and then I must go and get my work done.

Dan and I have our own offices here at home and thus we have our own computers and printers. He comes into my office yesterday and says look what I printed. It is 5 sheets of coloring (scribbling) by David. Evidently after getting paper from daddy's printer to color, he decided to put it back and was smart enough to put the pic face down so daddy couldn't tell until he printed.

Each evening as I cook dinner David always comes in the kitchen to help a little with the "recipe" - everything is the "recipe". Usually his help comes in the form of adding something in the pot for me or a little stirring or rinsing something in the sink. Well last night I was cooking later than usual and David was on to snack time, popcorn, (he eats much earlier than Dan and I). Anyway - he comes in the kitchen and I'm cooking and he reaches his hand up to stir and instead drops in a handful of popcorn. He said this way your recipe will taste really yummy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meandering Thoughts

My mind is all over the place today so bullets will probably be the best update. I am working on a long therapeutic post about my mom, her birthday was 1/17 and the anniversary of her death is later this month. Not sure I'll even post it when done, it's just nice to work on it when I need to.

  • "Sick" boy is finally back to normal and back to school, woo-hoo! And I picked him up about 45 minutes later than usual today and he still complained that I was too early LOL
  • Last night I made a baby laugh and she made me laugh right back
  • Emily was here this weekend and we played Monopoly, Clue, Blockus, Scrabble Slam, Greed and Scattergories - we love games!
  • We are studying Acts in my Bible Study group and it is amazing. I am sad that I have not studied it before. Finished Ch. 4 last night - wonderful wonderful stuff. The theme of last night was Peter being filled with the Holy Spirit and being BOLD! I want to be Bold like Peter when it counts - sharing the Gospel.
  • Dan had a court case Monday and he thinks it went so-so... I hope the judges decision is swift and fair.
  • I am going to the beach this weekend for a girls weekend and I cannot wait!
  • I have been filling my freezer with meals for my about to pop/pregnant friend. I can't wait to meet her precious little one when she finally decides to join us.
  • Last night I put a baby to sleep in my arms
  • I am on a coffee experiment, as in trying Folgers Colombian rather than my usual gourmet. The price difference is ASTONISHING and I go through coffee like some do water so I am trying this out and seeing if I like it.
  • Can you believe it is February - wow I am old. There is no other reason time flies like this.
  • Valentine's is coming up and I am the party coordinator for our little party at David's school. We'll have crafts and food and favor bags!
  • Grandparents Day is also coming up and the Prek and K are putting on a musical play, David has been practicing the songs and the one line he shares with a classmate. Evidently K gets the bigger speaking parts, LOL.
  • We have a Boxer named Teddy and she has been with me for a long time, 11 years this July... she's really aging fast and she's got cancer. I wish she could stay with us forever. We are at the point now of watching her closely for signs of pain. It will eventually get to the point where we have to have her put down :(
  • David has started having what I assume are growing pains in his legs. It happens at night and when he first wakes and then goes away. I hate the pain, but it's exciting to me to see him grow - what will he do next. I really love all the stages/changes.

Well shrimp jambalaya is calling for me, so I guess I should go start cooking dinner!