Sunday, October 25, 2009

I feel like i'm fallin' for fall...

Do any of you mommies recognize that song? It's been stuck in my head the past few days and as I sit here with my coffee I realize that it is true. I am falling for fall all over again and in lots of new ways. Here are some of the things that make fall special.
  • The 99% humidity and 90 degree temps are ending - the weather is crisp
  • College football season starts
  • The kids go back to school
  • Kids respective sports start
  • We get to start pulling out winter clothes
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Soups & stews
  • Decorations around the house
  • Almost holiday season
  • The fair
  • Holiday Market
  • Consignment sales
  • Fall Festivals
  • Trick or Treating
  • Thanksgiving menu
  • My brother visits
  • School pictures
  • Homework
  • New friends for the kids and me (parents of their friends)
  • Coffee from Starbucks after drop-off
  • Halloween costumes
  • The first fire in the fireplace
  • S'mores
  • Crock-pot meals
  • Bible study

I'm sure there are tons more and once I hit "post" I will think of them all. To sum up I'll just say it is a silly song and it's stuck in my head, but it is so true and I am so happy!!! I've fallen for fall :)

**Pics of fall events to come in next post.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pigs, Gators and Tigers

Well I had (have) the swine flu. I think I mentioned to some of you about the horrendous headache I had that would not go away. Along with other cold symptoms. I chalked it all up to a variety of things. But then mid-week last week I started feeling exhausted, achy, feverish and nauseous. So Friday morning I went to doc and tested positive. However, he and I both felt it had been over 48 hours since the symptoms had started, which made Tamiflu not helpful. So I had to deal with the it full force. I am feeling better today and have been fever free for 24 hours. It was by no means a "walk in the park", but it was also not a big deal as the media make it out to be. Obviously if you are immuno-compromised or have underlying conditions, etc. it could be a lot more serious, but if you are just a regular "jane" or "joe" - there are many worse things.

Dan was wonderful while I was sick and so was Emily. They cooked, cleaned, kept David away from me and took him to his soccer game, etc. My husband is a wonderful man, but you usually have to ask for his help - whatever you ask he'll do with a smile on his face, but you have to ask! This past several days he's taking the initiative and just done things - I love it and I love him :) One of the best things he did was letting me sleep 'till 11:15 on Sunday and then I woke to a clean kitchen and a homemade omelet, which was a little slice of heaven. Emily bless her heart is always a help to me around here - unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes, picking up all the David clutter and playing with him; she is great!

Dan went to his bi-annual gun-show in Kentucky weekend before last and had a great time. If you are a gun-enthusiast, especially a machine-gun one the show is the ULTIMATE. Here is a link if you are interested in that kind of things.

David and I went to Birmingham last week for his ear-surgery follow-up. He received a great report, doc was thrilled. Pathology showed a benign osteoma - Praise God and thanks for the prayers. We assumed it was benign, but seeing it in black and white makes you feel great. The incision site looks good and doc said inside the ear you almost couldn't tell he'd even had surgery. We will go back in 6-weeks for the follow-up hearing test. The hearing should be totally back to normal in his left ear, but we need to make sure. Other than that he is just fine. Still loving school and loving soccer. He's asking to play basketball as well and our local Upward league starts at 4 so I think I'll register him for this winter.

Emily's football season dance-team obligations are over - now on to basketball. We are awaiting the schedule for that, should start anytime now. They were registered to compete in a local competition at the Fairgrounds this past Sunday, but the organization in charge cancelled it due to swine flu... I don't know if too many participating schools had cancelled or they were just nervous? Who knows, the girls are enjoying the break though. Report cards come out this week and I am anxious to see her grades. Her worst class she has really really struggled this 9-weeks, but is pretty sure she pulled it up to a B, a "by the skin of the teeth" B, but a B none-the-less. We'll take it - LOL!!!!

I started back into the grind of PT yesterday, main goal continual recovery from back surgery and treatment of the muscles that are inflamed and knotted from the trauma. Same place and therapist I've used before, which I love. The part about it that I don't love is the time it takes and the pain that goes with. I am usually there between 2 - 3 hours each session and I go 3 times a week. This will probably go on awhile - like months. UGH!! The therapist does acupuncture, massage, chiropractic manipulations, exercise, e-stem and heat. I love that new PT's are multi-trained.

So my poor Tigers, what happened to them this Saturday. Losing to the Razorbacks was depressing enough, but they are a great team and I'm sad they lost to Florida this past Saturday. But losing to Kentucky - seriously. And did you watch the game? Who took over Todd's body - he couldn't complete a pass to save his life. And the penalties - you can't win games that way. UGH - it was depressing to watch. A friend of mine had invited me to go with, but I had to decline because of the swine flu. I don't know if being in the stadium would have been better or worse. We were texting during the game and she said it was worse in person :-(... All I have to say is War Eagle and hopefully there will a better showing against LSU this weekend.

Ok - Florida Gators... If you've known me for any length of time, at least back into the '90's you'll know my intense dislike for FL. Games against them in the Bowden era were some of my most favorite football memories - especially the Nix to Sanders in the corner of the end zone... The "Touchdown Auburn" print that many of you die-hard fans also have in your offices. I'm looking at mine now, LOL. Anyway - I know a major part of my dislike was due to Steve Spurrier. I won't go into the details, but I just didn't like him. Still don't, actually. But this years FL Gators team is a joy to watch and Tim Tebow is a QB and young man that inspires. If our sons could be good men like that, they will be joys!!! So I guess I'll have to be pulling for them a smidgen for the rest of the season.

Wow - if you've made it this far I am impressed. This was pretty long and rambled quite a bit. Anyhoo - that's an update in our home. What's new with yours? I'm off now to a fresh cup of coffee and a HUGE pile of work.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"I dreamed about God..."

David had a restless night and didn't wake up this morning so we let him sleep in. He finally woke up at 9:30 - seems to have a cold. Anyway, the interesting part is what he told me when he came in here for our regular morning "pow-wow". He said he dreamed about God last night and that God wanted to take him to the far away home in heaven, but he told God he wanted to go to his regular home instead. Then he evidently decided he should let God take him somewhere so he told God he could take him to his cousin Luke's house (auburn).

I don't know if my little guy is talking to God yet or just imagining him, which I guess if you are 4 is about the same thing...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Break is Here

I'm having a hard time getting motivated to write this morning. I have had this bad headache all week and now a cold to go with it and it just has me blah. So I'm going to do a list - that way I don't have to make coherent sentences and paragraphs LOL.
  • If you haven't been on the blog in a few days, scroll down to the older posts because there are a couple entries with Em and dance team stuff.
  • David is out of school today and Monday for Fall Break.
  • Emily is out of school Monday and Tuesday for Fall Break.
  • Dan is going on his bi-annual trip to Kentucky for the big machine gun shoot thing this weekend.
  • David's soccer game for this Saturday was cancelled because over 1/2 our team is going out of town for fall break.
  • Emily is getting her hair done this afternoon. I'm taking her and she wants a perm or rather a body wave... I didn't know they still did those LOL, but we'll see.
  • Dad and Barbara are on their annual trip to Cruisin' the Coast in Biloxi this weekend. I forgot to ask them which car they were taking. I think prob. the '60 Impala.
  • I went to the back doctor yesterday and I start PT next week. Stressed that for the rest of my life have to be super, super, super careful. Said if gets bad again next surgical step is fusion. UGH.
  • David needs a day periodically to just play. I can hear him in his room on his train table talking to his trains and making up stories. He had it all apart for a while, but Emily and Hayden got it all set up for him last Saturday.
  • Great college football this weekend and I'm looking forward to watching it ALL day and night.
  • Had a scare last night. Had gotten David's prescription refilled and the pill was not the same as usual. Checked it out online and evidently our pharmacy changed suppliers or something. Thankfully same medicine.
  • My brother's coming home for Thanksgiving and the Auburn v Alabama game!!! Woohoo - he'll be here almost a week.
  • We didn't have Bible study this week because over 1/2 couldn't make it. :( we are planning to get back in the swing of things next week.

More Dance Team Pics

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Emily & MJH Dance Team @ Auburn Game

I think I told you guys in an earlier post about Em and team and the other schools from this summer's dance camp in Auburn were invited to perform at halftime at the Auburn game a couple of weeks ago. Well due to David and the ear saga we couldn't go, but one of the mom's shared her pics with me. Oh, it was raining almost the whole game so that's why some of the shots look a little weird. And I have to say it does my heart good to see Em holding that Auburn popcorn bowl and stadium cup and smiling so proud LOL. She is a Bama fan, even though I try to bribe her over to the GOOD side.

Monday, October 5, 2009

no farm and no crops to plow, but we have a tractor!

My dad, as many grandfather's, loves to spoil David. Maybe it's the namesake thing or the fact that it's his baby's baby... or just because David is so darn cute ;), whatever the reason my little man is a pretty lucky guy. And truth be told, so am I; there aren't many dads out there as special as mine.

A few weeks ago dad went with me to take David to his first appointment at Children's with the ENT. While in the waiting room of the Imaging Dept. (CT) David found a tractor to play with. He was thrilled - hopped on and rode around that waiting area like he was a professional driver LOL. Dodging objects, turning, backing up, etc. Well dad got a kick out of that because David was so cute and so skilled. Since then David has talked about that tractor MANY times and each time we've gone back to Birmingham he's looked for it. Evidently Imaging is the only dept. with a tractor.
So yesterday we were loitering over at dad's after our big family gathering and dad pulls out a tractor for David! It is really cool - this will be one of those family heirloom toys that my grandkids will be playing with. Crazy me didn't have my camera yesterday and dad and Barbara's wasn't charged so we snapped a shot with Angie's cell. That's my niece Lauren on the left.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gumbo, Girls, Auburn and Family

We didn't make it to church this morning. Lazy I suppose... Auburn game over late last night so we all slept in until 9:00 this morning. Once we were up everyone did a couple of the chores I requested to put the house back together after football entertaining and I made french toast and bacon. Yummy breakfast, if I do say so myself. That splash of vanilla in there with the cinnamon makes it just right. Now I'm enjoying my hazelnut coffee and some computer time, Emily's doing her homework and Dan and David are watching TV.

We have settled into a nice routine this football season with the Edwards and the Hollidays and along with this routine has come some fabulous food!! Some of the highlights from yesterday were greek chicken pasta salad, spinach and artichoke dip, crab cakes, gumbo and shrimp scampi. Now let me assure you - that wasn't all. We are in the south after all and there was a FULL day of football, LOL.

War Eagle by the way; and I'm not prejudiced or anything, but I think Auburn may be the best undefeated team in the best conference in the nation who is NOT ranked. I mean seriously. But the more I thought about it last night the funnier I thought it was. Hell - everyone can underestimate the team - right up until we kick their butts!! :)

Babies abound among my friends. I received two text notifications of healthy babies being born this week and it just makes my heart smile. I can't wait to hold these precious little girls. I'll call them "C1" and "C2" here LOL. My other dear friend Leslie has a little girl in the oven and my cousin Siddhary has 2 little girls in the oven. Wow - girls rule this year!!! Speaking of Leslie I miss her so much. Our schedules and sick kids and back surgery and David's ears have conspired to keep us so busy we haven't gotten to spend any time together lately. Our goal was at least every Thursday morning while all the kids were at their respective schools/MDO's/etc. but we haven't made one yet. I am DETERMINED to be available and well this Thursday. Let's hope all are well her way too. And that she is safely back from her trip.

My small group Bible study started back up!! Yeah - I have missed it so much. We took the summer off because everyone's schedules were so crazy. Of course the craziness is still going on :) - I missed the first week back and everyone missed the second week back, but we will be on track soon and back to exploring the gospel together.

I'm ready to try and find a Sunday School class. David really really wants to go to church where my dad, Barbara, Angie and kids go and I have enjoyed it each time we've visited. But I have not visited any of the adult Sunday School classes and I need to do that. David wants to attend Sunday School and I need to find a place for myself during that time. I will just pray that Dan wants to attend with us, but we should attend irregardless.

All are doing well in the Reeder household. Emily had a blast dancing a the Auburn game last week. She has only 2 JV football games left for the year - I can't believe it's gone by so fast. Of course basketball season is right around the corner. Due to my back and David's ears we have not made it to every game this season and I hate that. But we will be at the last 2 come hell or high-water LOL. Dan is great, just doing his usual projects around the house/yard - if you know my husband he cannot be still for very long. He has actually started enjoying football more this year though. He has watched and enjoyed each of the Auburn games with us. I don't think he will ever be able to watch 2 or more games a day, but since he used to watch none - 1 is a big improvement! David is pretty much his normal self. If his ear wasn't swollen, with a big incision, the occasional drainage and occasional pain - you wouldn't know he'd ever had surgery. He is just as active as ever. Of course this causes more drainage, etc. because he only has one speed and that is full/high/crazy - he doesn't "settle down" well. I'm a little worried about that aspect of it for next week when he goes back to school, but the staff there will help tremendously and will let me know if I need to come get him or whatever. I'm doing well - my back is improving at a good rate. There are of course still issues and still pain, but overall it is much better.

Well we are off to enjoy the day together!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

David and the Earstalk

Yesterday we took David to Children's in Birmingham for his ear surgery. We arrived at 10:30 and they took him back at 11:40. About 1:15 doc came out with a big smile on his face. The grape-sized tumor/mass/growth was out and David was doing fine. The "unknown" of the surgery was how the tumor was attached to his ear, were they going to have to meticulously remove it from canal? drum?, would skin grafts be needed?, reconstruction? - NONE of the ABOVE!!! After "folding back the ear" and getting an up close view, it turns out that the tumor was attached to a "stalk" and only the stalk attached to his ear. So with a chisel and drill (doesn't that sound barbaric) he cut through the stalk and took the whole thing out. He said he's calling it an osteoma (benign bony growth) and that we don't know what caused it and don't know if it could come back. We also don't know why it grew so fast, even though osteomas are very slow grown and often never have to be removed. This one went from smaller than green pea to larger than grape from May to now. Nothing about the look of it gave him any pause of thoughts of malignancy, but he sent it to pathology to be 100% sure. We should have those results by Wednesday. And doc said, "go home" - no need to stay at all! Since it was so easily removed the trauma to David was mild.

My little guy didn't wake up from surgery well and vitals weren't good, pain was high, nausea, etc. But we eventually got him settled down and in the car to come home. I drove and followed Dan and Barbara sat in the back and loved on him and held the throw-up bag. He at a little dry cereal last night and drank a little sprite and finally fell asleep. He slept really well. This morning he woke me up with his bandage in hand (doc had said it could come off this morning). He feels good. Still in some pain so we're keeping the Lortab in him and the ear is draining a fair amount, but cotton balls are handling it.

God is so good!!! He had David in his hands through the whole thing. Thank you to all of our friends and family for the prayers.

I feel like I have just finished a major battle. I am happy and relieved, but I am so tired!!! Worrying about your baby really takes it out of you evidently. I am going to lay around today with him and play Cars :)
Here are some pictures of my little trooper with his bandage on. He did not like this thing at all :).