Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Chore Chart

If you read my earlier post you'll see that we have been on a responsibility theme around here... I want to use a chore chart with David, but I've been having a hard time finding exactly what I wanted; then yesterday, at Publix of all places, I find one. You write the chores in yourself (dry-erase) then as they become proficient at one you can replace it with something else. I'm working on what things I want it to include. So far I've come up with things related to do what we say the first time we ask, keep control of the "mad", brush teeth, getting dressed by himself, picking up toys, practicing letters... Any other ideas let me know on the comments.

Next I have to figure out the reward system. What I'll actually give him should be pretty easy - start small with a piece of gum and work our way up to the Dollar Tree then maybe Toys-R-Us. The hard part for me is how "black & white" or strict to be on making his little goals and then how many does it take for the prize? All of them? You can miss one? And then for the week? And then for the month? Ugh - as you can see I sometimes over think things, but i need to know the rules and make them clear to myself and the whole family so we can do this consistently. I'm going to do some googling on this today. Any suggestions let me know please!


David as he says is Big 4; meaning he'll be 5 in less than a month. So along with him becoming a true "big-boy" I've been thinking about different types of responsibilities for him. Dan and I both like the idea of each kid having age-appropriate chores. We believe this will help them learn to be responsible, and to experience that feeling of a job well done.

As I laugh at my noble-sounding words above, let me tell you about our first step into this whole responsibility thing - it was a FAILURE, LOL. On Friday I took David to PetSmart and the "fish dr." helped us pick out the best and easiest and hardly no care, blah, blah - fish. It was a Beta fish. So David picks out two females. The lady squats down to his level looks him in the eye and goes over the basic care requirements. He is really listening. Then she gives me the detailed sheet and we pick out a bowl and some rocks and we're on our way. We get home and "move" the fish into their new home. Looks great - they're swimming around, seemingly happy. David decides to name them Sandy and Pearl (characters from SpongeBob) and we officially have two new pets. David and I talked more about the big responsibility and he told me what he was supposed to do - he remembered the "fish dr." telling him. I'm thinking this will be great for him. Then Saturday Pearl is dead and Sunday Sandy is dead. You know why - my responsible son followed all the "fish-care" things to the letter, but it never occurred to the "fish dr." or me to tell him we don't PET fish!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thunder Jam

Last night "my boys" had a guys night and went to the drag strip here in Montgomery. First of all, who knew there was even a drag strip here? Not me and I'm from here, LOL. Dan saw some commercial a few weeks ago about Thunder Jam and thought it looked fun and said he wanted to take David. Ok cool. So second, I checked out the website, it looked like a little (and big) boys dream. Then, third, I called around (yall will laugh and think I'm paranoid) to make sure it was an ok place and not filled with drunks/drugs or whatever bad element I don't want my family to innocently venture into to. All reports were positive so I told Dan my "finds" and wished them well.

So you are probably asking ok "long-winded" Michelle - what the heck is Thunder Jam? It's a drag racing thrill show. There were things like 3 flame-throwing jet vehicles and the "Cool Bus" wheel standing school bus; just to name a few.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday Emily

Can you believe Emily is 14 today. I am having such a hard time figuring out where the years went. She was 3 & 1/2 when Dan and I started dating and in one breath it's seems like just yesterday and the next breath it seems my life has always been blessed with her. We celebrated her birthday over here last weekend with a couple of parties and this weekend she is celebrating with her mom.

Here are some birthday pics. The first few are from her party at my dad's, she and her cousin Heather share a birthday month so we always do their family party together. Heather's turning 13.

(wow, in just a few years they have grown so much)

The second few are from her birthday here where we celebrate with the Holliday's and Edward's. Emily and Jackie share a birthday month (actually only a day apart) so we always do their celebration together.

Ice cream cake, by request. Super yummy!

Houndstooth Yellow Box - the "traitor" child... I've even tried to bribe her to not be a Bama fan, but nothing works LOL. Since the Holliday family are that "type" too -;)
they supported her habit.

One of the big hit presents from Dan and I was a new game for the Wii called Just Dance. She Hope and Hayden had a blast playing and we enjoyed watching. As soon as my broke foot heals I'm gonna give her a run for her money LOL.
Great times and a great weekend with family and friends. Emily was thrilled with her cakes and gifts! She's saving for a new I-Home, a new laptop and who knows what else and everyone was great about helping her with that.

A Day Out With Thomas

Yesterday, David and I went to Calera and spent the afternoon with Thomas & Friends. It was a GREAT day!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reeder Pool "Officially" Open

Well I don't know who's crazier, David or me. This afternoon he was playing outside with his toys and saw something on the bottom step of the pool. He decided to walk in there so he could get the toy. Well since it was on the bottom step he decided he would have to "dive" to get it. So thus ensued the long talk about it's too cold to swim, etc. Needless to say he won - I figured what the heck, LOL. And I had asked the ENT yesterday specifically about swimming with his current ear situation and he said sure. So he swam and swore it wasn't cold. He jumped off the diving board multiple times and swam down to the shallow end and generally had a blast. I made him get out and come in after about 15 minutes. He is thrilled!!

Oops - just about forgot to tell you what all the ENT said on Monday. The left ear has a fair amount of scar tissue in it. My assumption was from the tumor surgery, but no from multiple ear infections. However, it currently looks good - no fluid or infection. A little "tight", but that's from the scar tissue. The right ear has scar tissue, a tube that is non-working and a wax and fluid build-up. The infection in that ear however seems to have gone away with the recent antibiotic. I can't tell what about that ear is bothering David - it's either a) the tube or b) the build-up. Doc said he couldn't take the tube out in the office because it's adhered to the eardrum. Great right!?! So we are using the peroxide/vinegar solution to try and clear that ear out and see if it quits bothering him. If that doesn't work then it's the tube and we'll have to have it removed surgically. Then the next question is tube(s) again?? Kids typically grow out of their ear issues at 5, but not always. And since David will be 5 next month... The current course of action is the peroxide/vinegar and decongenstents and pain meds and allergy meds. The next problem/flare-up I'll do the sick-call at the ENT rather than the Pediatrician and we'll decide what next step to take from there. Irregardless we have a follow-up appointment with him in 6-weeks.

Happy Easter, part 1

There they go. All the kids headed out at Annie & Granddaddy's.

Happy Easter, part 2

Easter at Annie & Granddaddy's
(Barbara and Dad's)
Heather, Annie and Emily

Emily hiding eggs, not sure what's up with
that expression, LOL. I think she was tired
of me taking pictures.

Dad and David

David is ready to go find those eggs.

Emily doing her tye-dye egg kit. Much more complicated
than we anticipated, but very cute.
David stuck with the traditional and of course cracked almost every
egg we had. But covered it all at the end with stickers.
Emily & David - Easter morning

Ready to dig into their goodies from the Easter
bunny. David couldn't be still he was so excited.
He dumped everything out just in the few seconds it took to
turn the flash on. :)
David hunting eggs at Meme & Papa's (Jackie and Dianne's).

Hayden and David after the egg hunt.
Hayden and Hope with the bunny cake they made.
(kim & bill's girls)
David and Hope

David telling Bill about trains and planets and axioms and pools and who knows what else.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

I can't let the day go on without mentioning Good Friday - this is one of the most amazing days of our lives. Actually more amazing than marriage, birth, death, etc. For today is the day Jesus Christ died for our sins. Good Friday is the day that we come together to “celebrate” the pain and suffering that he went went through. It is truly amazing how important this day really is. During the Easter season, we find ourselves focusing on the the excitement of Jesus’ Resurrection. Without the death of Christ on this Friday, we would not be able to have the even greater celebration of his Resurrection.

I was curious what Good Friday meant to others, not others as in my immediate peer group, but others in general. So I started googling random phrases and the stuff I came across just broke my heart. The number of people that don't understand this day and don't believe it... Please pray for them over this most special of weekend's and hope that they see the light.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family Update

I just don't know what it is that keeps us so busy around here but I usually feel like a dog chasing it's tail :). Let me see if I can briefly update you on everyone.

Dan is doing well - I think I told yall his recent PET Scan was good. He is do for a clinical/physical follow-up soon, but other than that remission looks well on him :). Praise God!!! The business is doing well - we bought another property in March and hope to buy one each month. We are also very close to pulling the trigger on the big solar cell project at our largest apartment complex. Add to that Dan has decided he wants to build furniture - it's actually kind of cute. So far he has built a drawer and cabinet for my kitchen to replace the disposal and a laundry hamper for our room that looks like a piece of furniture (I'll take a pic of it). He is drawing out a desk, bedroom furniture and entertainment center. He has also been spending alot of time in court on a variety of lawsuits related to the business. They typically all go our way but he hates dealing with it and the time it takes up.

Emily - can you believe she is almost 14, wow. Where did time go? I have known her almost 11 years! She is finishing up the 8th grade. Her recent report card was back to A's and B's - we had that one bad semester and hopefully it won't be repeated. She is taking gymnastics this spring and really enjoying the class. She wants to continue taking over the summer here in Montgomery. No softball or dance for her this year - what is that saying or song, "times, they are a' changing". Her thyroid issue/Graves disease is just a part of life now, but we are all still getting used to the changes. Doc has changed medicine dosage a few times to get blood levels where they need to be and that has been a success. However, she is still having several of the symptoms and these affect behavior, appetite, appearance, etc. But evidently this is just "part of it". We take her back to Children's Hospital for follow-up in May, I am anxious to talk to the doctor about is there a "next step" or is this what she will deal with always. Please pray for her with this issue.

David - whew, he wears me out, LOL. Nothing new and enlightening there huh. He's doing great and busy as ever, loves trains, falls off something constantly (bike, scooter, etc.) and comes in bleeding, always filthy, never still... oh the life of a boy. But his ears are still an issue. I just don't have the words to say how "over" this we are. If I hear the word ears in conjunction with David much longer I may need a Xanax. We have been dealing with this since he was weeks old. Here we are with yet another infection with lots of fluid and a non-working tube and while at the pediatrician's office yesterday she reminded me and herself that he has been on antibiotics basically since November. So back to the ENT Monday morning. David doesn't seem that miserable with his ear right now, but he is not sleeping restfully. The past few nights I have watched him (since I don't go to bed until about 4 hours later) rub and rub and rub and rub that ear while he sleeps and tosses and turns and whimpers. So then the next day he is tired and ill. We can't go on like this poor guy and he needs to quit missing school. This is our current cross to bear and I know God will get us through and it will be ok!

Me - oh, just realized I forgot to tell you guys what doc said on my 4-week foot follow-up visit. The heel is still broken, try to stay off it as much as possible. Just needs time to heal. My back is doing what bad backs do... LOL no sense wasting anymore time on that one. Business is crazy right now - taxes are due, I am researching government grants for our solar cell project, I am researching additional properties for us to buy and most fun of all I have picked out all the materials for my dining room redo and have received my granite quote for my kitchen and bathroom and am in the process of trying color samples on my bedroom wall. And of course doing my usual work, household responsibilities, mommy stuff and wife stuff... just busy, but happy! Still doing my weekly Bible study with the girls and it is one of the major highlights of my week.

Sorry that went longer than I planned, as usual LOL. Air show and Easter posts to come soon and I am still working on my anti-healthcare post, it's just hard for my personality to not be kinda of ___ (rhymes with witchy) so I am still praying and writing and deleting and re-writing.

Thunder Over Alabama

That was the name of the air show held at Maxwell AFB last weekend. We love air shows and did much schedule finagling so Dan, David and I could spend the whole day there. Dan and I grew up in military families and have always loved air shows and we want David to as well. We mostly just enjoyed the day and took a little video, but here are a few of the pictures from the day. The weather was beautiful and David was really well behaved. We were there from around 9:00 until 5:30.
Dan and David flying high and dreaming big :)

David loves "characters" and the crazy Geico lizard was at the air show.
Driving the jeep with a gun like daddy's in the back.

Thunderbirds out on the runway.

This was our spot for the majority of the day - see David's earprotection and sunglasses - cracks me up, but he was real good about leaving it on. He loved that blow up gun like daddy's and he "shot" all the bad (japanese) airplanes out of the sky during the WWII demonstration.