Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where Did 30 Days Go?

I was checking my friends blogs this morning and realized it’s been almost a month since I posted. Let me see if I can do some quick bullet updates.

  • Dan had a birthday and we were invited to celebrate with the Edwards and Holliday’s. We went out for seafood and listened to a live band!!
  • David and I traveled to Ohio for a Model T tour over Labor Day with my dad. It was part Model T and part Bailey family reunion. I’ll post a few pics at the end.
  • Emily is enjoy being in High School and her favorite subject is Art. We are going through the usual transition of only seeing her on the weekends during the school year. :(
  • David is continuing to do well in Kindergarten. His behavior at school is fabulous and his handwriting is slowly improving. He is doing Big Green Bus (gymnastics), Taekwondo and Soccer.
  • I am enjoying the role of room mom for David's class. They are a great group of kids and he has a WONDERFUL teacher.
  • Dan is finishing up our first flip house and dealing with vacancies at the rental property. This economy is starting to hit our tenants. In about 12 years this is the highest vacancy rate we’ve had.
  • Football season has started – and this week the weather finally feels like it. War Eagle!!!!