Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thomas the Train, Ears, Easter Eggs, a Teenager and More

I'm laughing to myself as I start this because the title sounds so silly; but this post is going to contain a lot of information and catch-up and pictures. So pour a cup of coffee or whatever your drink of choice may be and settled in for a long one as I ramble through what's been going on around here.
I think I have shared with you about David's obsession with Thomas the Train. Well Thomas & Sir Topham Hat came to Calera (Birmingham) recently and my SIL and I took our boys up for the big day. It was such a wonderful time for David. I'll share a couple of pictures of the boys below. One of the cutest things of the day happened as we were leaving - we walked by Thomas one last time and David said "Bye Thomas, see you next time, I love you!".

That Saturday, at the last minute, we ended up going to Leslie's for dinner. It was her birthday and our last official gathering with the Coleman's before heading to their new home state of FL. Here are a couple of shots of the big friends and little friends on that last night.
During all this David has been acting out and complaining and whining alot. For him this is usually a sign of yet another ear infection. That Monday I took him to the doctor yet again and of course ear infection. And the ear that was not infected (and was causing the most pain) had something weird going on with the tube. That afternoon we were back in with our ENT surgeon. We have been waiting and watching (while on antibiotics). We will see the ENT on this Monday afternoon and see how we should progress. Possibly David will have his 4th set of ear tubes... this time we will remove the tonsils as well. He is not eating well nor sleeping well. And yes HA HA those of you that know him know he doesn't usually eat or sleep well, but with his ears bothering him it is worse.
One of Dan's favorite hobbies is gun collecting and shooting and watching shoots and TV shows related to guns. Well the "Disney World" of guns was in Kentucky last weekend and Dan and his brother drove up for the weekend show. They had such a good time and were able to play guns and shooting to their hearts content.
While Dan was off in Kentucky David and I stayed home and didn't do much of anything. That Saturday afternoon we did manage to get ourselves up and out to a friend's birthday party and that was alot of fun. Their were slides to thrill him and a cake with a cream cheese layer to thrill me :)
That following Monday we checked Emily out of school after SAT testing and then I took the kids to have their pictures made with live bunnies at our photographers. The set was AMAZING and the bunnies so cute. The kids had such a good time - as they do every time we go to Foster's. I can't wait to get the pictures back so everyone can see them. I had a bit of a struggle this time coming up with coordinating outfits for the kids. When you have 1 almost 13 and 1 almost 4 and they are the opposite sex - it is just really difficult to do. So after numerous stores I ended up at Storkland and found Hartstrings outfits that coordinated and they are not Easter themed, just spring/summer so the kids can where them throughout the season.
David is enjoying the benefits of being young. He had his first of 5 Easter parties and his first of 4 egg hunts at school this week. Eggs are just fascinating to him - fresh, hard-boiled, plastic, dyed - just eggs in general. He won't eat them, but he's fascinated by them. After Sunday I will have multiple Easter and Easter themed event pics and will post them all at once.
I had to miss the Easter party this year because we had an appointment to view the 125-unit apartment complex we are considering purchasing. The property seemed in good shape and the office manager quite knowledgeable. We had several questions for them, which they answered, generally to our satisfaction. Next they are to send us financials so we can review and determine if it's in our best to move forward with negotiations. In the meantime we have closed on a few new smaller properties and have a bid out on another. Things are really going crazy.
And speaking of business, our taxes simply kicked my butt this year. I had the hardest time getting it all together. But I completed them (finally) last week and delivered them to our accountant. Hopefully we won't have to pay our firstborn child to the IRS this year :) For several of you that have been "missing" me and wondering what was up - taxes would be the primary answer!!!
David and I went to the ballpark Thursday night to see friends, cheer on Hope and have a cupcake for Jackie's birthday. It is so neat to watch him at the ballpark. And it shows how much he has grown and developed. His first trip to the ballpark was at just a few weeks old, since Emily always played, and he was in his infant carrier, fast asleep. Now he's in his own "tailgate" chair and watching the game and cheering and clapping in the appropriate spots. Of course he is still a 3-year-old boy so in the middle of the game we had to take 15 and play on the playground. The reason I bring this up tonight though - is we've registered David for t-ball at the Y, which starts later in May. Well as we talked to him I realized he knows what ball is because of always watching Sissy, but he just collectively calls all that type of ball baseball. I was trying to explain baseball, softball and t-ball and wasn't having much luck. Turns out the field next to us was a t-ball field and the kids were having a game. We walked over and watched for a little bit so he could see what a "t" was. He loved it - seemed very excited. I can't wait for him to play.
Yesterday, Good Friday, was a memorable day for us. 1st of course: Remembering the death of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, is such a heart wrenching, touching thing. Emily & I talked about it several times yesterday and it just still leaves me in awe. 2nd: Emily's 13th birthday. Can you believe she is now a teenager. WOW!!! When I met Dan she was 3 and now she's a teenager. Oh my gosh. She spent the day with us while her mom was at work and then she will be back tonight. We usually have "interesting" schedules over birthday's and holiday's. 3rd: a fun party of dying Easter eggs at Leslie's. We had 10 kids age 6-mos. to almost 4 and Emily. It was a madhouse, but a good madhouse. I lost count of how many eggs they dyed. At least 8 dozen. And they all sang Happy Birthday to Em - so cute!! Best of all though - the Coleman's are in town for the weekend so seeing them was GREAT!!!! I'll post pics from this with the Easter pics later this weekend.
Oh - I almost forgot to give you guys an update on my back. Still not doing well - my pain meds have been changed yet again and the prescription for physical therapy has been extended... I'll let you know when something actually changes with it.
Whew - if you made it through this update you are a better person tham most LOL. Now that taxes are over I should be able to blog more regularly. I prefer that - then I can use my rambling post quota for a soap-box issue HA HA. I've got a good one on public schools my brain is cooking up.