Friday, March 19, 2010

More Spring Break Fun

David's first bike. I think that is his "cool" face. And
construction project number 3 in our backyard. Nice huh, LOL.

David and Chuck E. Cheese

Waiting for pizza!

Emily playing air hockey with little Olivia.

Emily painted Teddy's nails because Teddy was jealous of
our friend's dog who had gotten her nails painted.
Well now we're off to Pump It Up as our Spring Break "vacation at home"
begins to wind down. It's been a really fun week for mom's and kid's both!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break 2010

This year has flown by, I cannot believe we are already in the middle of spring break. And I am so thankful that Elmore and Montgomery counties are smart enough these days to have their spring break on the same week - there have been years when they haven't been.

We had hoped to set up a trip to see my cousin and fam in Florida or our friends in Texas over the holiday, but since I broke my heel I can't drive that distance. Thankfully it should heal soon though and we will be burning up the highways come summer :). My cousin's baby is gonna be grown by the time I see her LOL!!

Even though we are staying home this year I still wanted to do some fun little things for the kids so it would truly be a break for them. Emily came over on Monday and that was our non-fun workday, LOL. We did a few chores and organized/emptied/decluttered the dining room. A project she and I have been wanting to get too. So it wasn't really "non-fun". We did get in some kid play time, tv time and board game time. Tuesday the kids spent the day at United Gymstars at a day camp. They had such a good time - it was a day full of running, jumping, climbing, tumbling, hide and seek, kickball, dodgeball, duck/duck/goose, etc. I think David would have moved in ;) The Holliday girls went too and spent the night with us last night. The girls and I stayed up until 1:00am playing board games. We are all rolling out of bed today around 10:00am. Our plans for today, Wednesday, are to go to Prattville and paint. It's one of those places where you pick out your piece and they help you get set-up with your paints, etc. and then when you finish you leave it for them to be put in the kiln and you pick it up in like a week or so. We still have a few days left after this and hopefully we'll come up with a few more fun things to do.

David has that yucky cold stuff. I call it the weather changing cold. Runny nose (clear), productive cough and mildly elevated temperature - 100 average. With his history of ears, etc. I went ahead and took him in to pediatrician and no strep, lungs clear, ears great, etc. Just a cold. She said that actually it isn't a fever unless it is 100.4. Another thing I learned is with hand sanitizer you need a large quarter-sized dollop. The soap was out in the restroom and David and I were using the hand sanitizer in the hall and didn't realize she was behind us. She was noticing how much we were using and told me to use more! Interesting stuff - I never knew either of those things. So basically he's fine, just a little uncomfortable with the nose and coughing.

Dan is working on the design plan for solar cells at our largest apartment complex. He hopes to start purchasing the materials and get the project going within the next couple of weeks. He's very excited.

My heel is killing me and doesn't seem to be getting better, but I am really doing well otherwise. I love having the kids home for spring break and love having their friends over. I also got a new haircut and new color - ready for warm weather now!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I love you more than...

When I thought about being a parent I was always excited and thinking about molding a new person and teaching them about God, life, love, etc. There would be time spent eating, doing homework, sports, etc. But I don't think I really thought about how much darn fun it would be!!!

David and I have a little "game" we play where the first one says I love you and then the next says I love you more than ______. We run the gamut from more than this bridge is tall, more than that airplane flies high, more than space, more than Saturn, etc. You get the picture - it goes on for about five minutes. Well this morning on the way to school we were in the game and it was his turn to say and he said "I love you more than my car!" (my assumption is he means the car I'm driving) and then before I could say my turn he starts cracking up and says, "But I don't have a car!"

I don't know if we are like most almost-5-year-old boys, but cleaning up is not done well here. I have to threaten and sometimes spank, etc. Sweet Emily cleans/organizes/sorts his toys for me every 2 weeks and that is the only way we stay on top of them. Well last night before bath/bed routine I was making David put up the few trains he had out and to put them "where they go", because his room was in great shape from Emily's hard work the day before. So after a little sternness on my part he takes his trains and heads to his room. Right behind that I discovered a shoe and I was headed in his room myself. He meets me in the hallway and wants to know what I'm doing. I tell him and he says you can't go in my room. And I said why and then it occurred to me - what did you do with those trains? Did you put them in the train drawer? Mom - you can't go in my room. So I walk on and turn on his light and there are the trains - evidently tossed on the floor right inside his doorway. I say my little spiel and he starts picking them up. As he is doing this he says, "I don't know what happened. I thought they were magic trains and when I throw them in my room in the dark the rainbow would slide them into the train drawer." OK - well I guess there are points in there somewhere for imagination, LOL.

Last week each child in David's class was asked to make a vegetable visitor (V week) and take it to school on Friday. We had such fun!! David and I went to Publix together and spent over 1/2 an hour in the produce section and then came home and created together. What started as a dog or a race car kind of turned into the squash truck aviator with daddy and two kids on the back, LOL.