Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Pictures, Kinda

Dan and I were playing around in the backyard the other night before dinner and we managed to get a few cute shots.

History Loving, it's Hereditary

With a dad, granddad and two uncles who love history - what should I have expected!! David is having such fun with his American History. This week we studied Ponce de Leon and Amerigo Vespucci. He semi-colored a map with Ponce de Leon's route from the West Indies to Florida. And we made our own Little Dipper constellation to honor Amerigo Vespucci - who loved stars!!

Language Arts is another one of our subjects. David is struggling with the phonics and reading portion - due to all his ear surgeries, school absences, possible dyslexia, etc. We are working through that and finally have a program that works for us and are using multi-sensory approaches, but all other areas of Language Arts are a breeze for him. Below is one of his story sequencing sheets.

Another fun subject for David is Science. As we have talked about we do alot of science experiments and who wouldn't love that?? But he also learns alot from his daddy. He and Dan are forever watching documentaries on science, space, etc. They especially love MythBusters. The other day David was randomly talking about the speed of light and that initiated a lecture from Dan :-)

My dad worked a deal on a Go-Kart for his house and along with it came a gas-powered scooter and a youth helmet. Dad has the Kart and gave us the scooter and helmet. I have pics of Hope and Hayden and David on the scooter, but can't get them from a text message... David is especially excited about the helmet because his current Go-Kart helmet didn't have a face shield (or whatever it's called) and the dust always got in his eyes. He loves this new helmet!! And it fits him perfect - thanks Dad!

Totally different subject, but who doesn't love Pampered Chef? Their products have been a staple in my kitchen since I have had a kitchen. I add a piece or two each year as the budget allows. I have never had any trouble with their stuff - great quality!! Well the other night I was baking breaded fish and heard a weird noise from my oven. I opened it to find this!!

Model T Jamboree

Our annual Labor Day Model T trip has come and gone again. It is really fun to see how David experiences it differently each year as he matures and his interest change and grow. This year we went to Marysville, OH. As usual we had a great time seeing all the aunts and uncles and cousins.

Growing Crystals

The last week of August was time for building crystals. We have been having fun with our weekly science experiments, especially when Hope and Hayden come over to do science with us. We tried two different "recipes" for growing crystals. Neither turned out as we had hoped and they both took a lot longer to grow than the recipe indicated. But we finally had success!!! I know I took more pictures of this project, but I can't seem to find them. I'll upload them to this post when I find them.

Happy Birthday Dan

A little behind on updating, but hope to get that fixed today! August 29th was Dan's birthday and we had a nice family day. The kids made him this cake, we watched the movie Rango and then had a little family art and science time. Em and David painted rainbows and Dan painted the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Though David loves learning about Christopher Columbus and lots of other aspects of history, he is not into the painting and coloring LOL. We also did a science experiment that day showing the differences in oil and water and learning about density.