Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Vacation

Sorry I haven't updated in a week, we've been really busy getting our work done and ourselves ready for vacation. We also had my dear friend Jennifer and her son Paul in town last weekend. Then the end of this week we had to put our wonderful old dog Teddy down. Really a hard thing for Dan and I.
We wrapped everything up by Friday afternoon and headed out of town. We stayed the first night in Columbia, SC. Couldn't tell you much about it except the hotel we stayed in was nice, LOL.
Saturday we got up and headed to NC. We stopped and ate along the way and stopped at the welcome center to gather brochures and fed some turtles and geese. Along the way an outlet center caught my eye and we stopped there for awhile and helped the local economy a bit :). We finally arrived at our condo in New Bern, NC around 7:00 last night. We settled in and unpacked, did the grocery store run and then watched a movie.
Today we got up and went with Dan to a pool tournament over at the resort rec center. We also played some ping pong and a little bit of arcade games. Next we ate lunch at the rest. here on property called Hurricane's. I had a crab cake sandwich to die for. After lunch we braved the heat (it's hotter here than AL) and played putt putt (also here at the resort). Later this afternoon we drove into the downtown historic area of New Bern and walked around. This is the town's 300 year anniversary, it was founded in 1710 by a group from Bern, Switzerland. We also found the cutest little rest. called the Cow Cafe and had ice cream. Everything is cow's and they even had a cow train going around the ceiling. David could hardly eat his ice cream for enjoying the train. On the way back we stopped at the grocery store and Dan and Emily picked out dinner. We had chicken, pasta, broc, corn and green beans - can you tell we love veggies!
Here are a couple of pictures: 1 is the harbour tonight from our balcony and 2 is the kids and the New Bern bear mascot.